Marva Ruot, President

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Gloria Mayfield Banks, Executive National Sales Director
"Wow, words can't express the impact Marva has made on my business. Working with her has helped me to not miss the million-dollar unit club a single time in 8 consecutive years! At the pace I keep it is imperative to put my fingers on work at a moments notice and to reduce my frustration caused by clutter. Marva's knowledge and experience are worth their weight in gold! I cannot recommend her highly enough!" 

Pat Danforth, Senior National Sales Director
"Marva, Wow! You have dazzled on so many levels! Your organizational skills are THE BEST, as is your ability to present them in class, and put them in action in our offices. I know your business is focus, but most appreciated is your genuine heart for people and their needs. You are an amazing woman and we love you!" 

Julianne Nagle, National Sales Director
"I want all my directors to have you! I told them that you will teach them a different way to think. It's been 5 years since you were here with me and I can still get my hands on every piece of paper in my office in a heartbeat! Your work organizing my office was one of the keys in my becoming National! With my office organized, I was able to focus on my people and build an area." 

Bett Vernon, National Sales Director 
"This is one of the best workshops I've ever been to! I found the ideas shared at Marva's workshop to be brilliant. They made sense and were easy to implement. Lack of organization holds so many back. It's a shame every consultant and director doesn't have this information from the very beginning!" 

Tammy Crayk, National Sales Director - #1 Company Producer Worldwide, 2002 
"'Marvelous Miracle Worker Marva' is how she's "known" around the Mary Kay globe!!! If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what would. If you are ready for a QUANTUM LEAP in your business, you can't afford NOT to be working with Marva! Organization is CRITICAL to our business. I firmly believe that nobody can become a Top Director or National Sales Director without getting on top of the 'clutter' and 'chaos'. If organization is not YOUR strong point...CALL MARVA IMMEDIATELY!!!" 

Caterina Harris, National Sales Director
"Marva is to organization what Martha is to the kitchen. Marva literally performed a miracle in helping me to set up an office organization system. She actually created an organization system for my entire home. It is so much easier to maintain it after someone who is a pro has helped you to set it up. Even after I moved into a beautiful new home, I still took Marva's system and was able to set up my office quickly." 

Kym Wells Walker, National Sales Director 
"Awesome! Truly awesome! When I saw how she changed the layout of my office, I was speechless! Not only can I run this office like an executive, but it also looks like one! I am able to find everything quickly and easily. I love it all!" 

Kim McClure, Executive Senior Sales Director - #1 Pearl Seminar 2004 and 2005
"Marva is a master at teaching how to organize. She makes it so simple-even for the newest consultant. She thinks in a logical, orderly way and can teach you to do the same! In addition to teaching easy organization, she also teaches how to maximize your office's productivity and proficiency!" 

Leah Nelson, Executive Senior Sales Director
"Marva is an absolute must have in your office. Her wit, attitude, and gift for organizing our Mary Kay business takes all the stress out of life and leaves you free to get on with the real business of life and Mary Kay. The earth shifted and the heavens sang when she came into my office. Talk about Aha's!!" 

Sonya Goins, Executive Senior Sales Director
"Thank you so much for your time in Tuscaloosa!!!! The individual time with you was so worth it. My office is still organized and it helped every aspect of my life!!!! The workshop helped our Directors and Consultants so much. With everyone's life as busy as it is, this workshop took a lot of stress out of our lives. I have really enjoyed my office and we have really made a HUGE increase the last 6 months...I would highly recommend it to anyone!!! I look forward to working with you again in the future!!!"

Sue Blair 
"Wow! I've just returned from the Marva Ruot Workshop and I just want to send a HUGE thank you to Sharon for making this happen. I so needed the hands-on insight and the how-to for my office/business organization. If Marva's coming your way and you haven't yet decided whether to attend...please be assured it is a wonderful investment of time and money!"

Jane Elley-Morgan, Executive Senior Sales Director, New Zealand
"What a blessing it was to have had Marva come to New Zealand and teach many of us how to organize for success. It was wonderful to learn from someone who has such a knowledge and love of Mary Kay and who was able to pass on her many amazing ideas and systems learned from many years of experience and with a few key ideas passed on from U.S. National Sales Directors as well. Marva's sense of humor, love of people and her passion to see us all make a difference to our systems immediately 'won us over' and I can't thank her enough for coming here at a critical time of growth for Mary Kay New Zealand. Thank you Marva!" 

Jill Beckstedt, Executive Senior Sales Director
"You took me from a totally disorganized, messy "High I" to an organized, efficient, and focused achiever!"

Jeanne Phay, Senior Sales Director 
"Of all the things that I've been to in Mary Kay over a zillion (!) years, Marva Ruot was one of the most life-changing teachers I've ever heard. Thank you so much for bringing her in and including us!!!!"

Debra Bishop, Senior Sales Director
"Marva Ruot is a genius!!! She has a unique gift, not only to organize but she can teach others how to organize themselves. Her workshops are fun, practical, and the time and money you save when you use her techniques are amazing! I strongly encourage you to attend one of her "Success Is In Order" workshops and put her ideas into use. You'll be amazed at how much your productivity increases! Not only that, Marva is one of the neatest, coolest and smartest women I know!!" 

Kris Kimball, Senior Sales Director
"Marva is a lifesaver; she came into my life after our unit had earned our 1st Cadillac and Unit Club. I was swimming in paper and piles accumulated with growing my business over a six year period! I could never see the top of my desk!! Today my office looks and runs like an executive's office. It allows me to find anything at a moment's notice, which frees me up to do the more important work of running a unit, such as moving people up! What makes Marva so valuable is her Mary Kay experience; she knows our business inside and out. If you're interested in moving up or growing a successful organization, this is a must-attend workshop. We did end up finishing our 3rd Cadillac and Unit Club again!! Thanks to Marva my move (our home) in April was just a bump in the road and not a huge detour!!" 

Cleta Mitchell, Senior Sales Director
"Marva shows us how to be organized with our business and makes it look easy and even fun! The tips she gave at our workshop and the extensive workbook she provided gave us all new ideas on how to get our 'Mary Kay Act' together! We all learned how to have a system that works FOR us and not AGAINST us! She helps in areas like managing your inventory, your finances and all the paperwork we get. The filing system she gave was priceless. This is a workshop you will be SO GLAD YOU attended and one that you will actually go home and put into use!!" 

Regan L. Danforth, Senior Sales Director
"I can't believe the difference your help has made on my ability to move forward!!" 

Sharon Richardson, Senior Sales Director, Australia
"'Sensational!' is not enough to describe Marva Ruot and her organizational workshops! From someone who was very organizationally challenged, I emailed asking Marva to come and teach us Mary Kay Directors and Consultants in Australia. Not knowing what to expect, Marva took a month and leap of faith on us, providing us just what we all needed: practical organization and workable systems for our Mary Kay business. I found Marva and her organizational course to be fun and her to be a real inspiration, both on a personal and professional level. I was delighted to meet such a great lady, who I now consider to be a dear friend, to work and learn from, and the practical exercises we did with the workshops brought the workbooks alive in a way learning theory can never do. Thank you Marva for all you did for us, we hope to see you here again soon." 

Joyce Young 
"One more thing...we had an awesome month last month, thanks to my new folder! 36,000 wholesale and 12 recruits. My first $10,000 commission check!!!!!!!!!!" 

Cheryl Foster, Executive Senior Director
"Marva taught me to think in an exciting and organized way. I've never heard anything like she teaches. She literally changed my business and made me feel like I have it all together. You can apply her principles immediately. Don't miss this chance to see yourself successful. It's so powerful because she's in Mary Kay and knows what we need!" 

Laura Cunningham, Senior Director
"Thank you so much for thinking things through for me. It is such a relief to know what the next logical steps are. You are masterful at what you do and all I have heard are rave reviews!!! You rock!!!" 

Michelle Farmer, Senior Director
"You CANNOT afford to miss out on this service!!!! Did you ever feel like you didn't reach your goal because of "the office"? Would you like to get the "lifesaver feeling" I'm experiencing right now? This service is a MUST for anyone who wants to move to the next step in their business! If you are not proud of your office-the appearance and its being functional-you better get Marva in it ASAP! What a confident and powerful feeling it is to go right to the cabinet and get what you need! MARVA THANKS SO MUCH!!" 

Anke Cameron, Senior Director, Australia
"When I first heard about this event, I thought I probably didn't need it as I am pretty well organized. However, Lee, my NSD, encouraged me to go, so I did! Marva did not just show us how to be and work neat. What really impressed me was how she taught us to set a goal, plan, strategize, then put the systems in place tailored to the end goal-and all of that without stress! That was way beyond a tidy desk!!!

"I decided to stay for the Consultant Workshop as well (seeing I had a long way to drive to get there). It was fantastic. Not only did she give the Consultants a blueprint to setting up their basic business, but for us as Directors she literally gave us a simple training method. I just think if we can get new Consultants on this path from the beginning, they will be more professional in every way, and they will make money and stay.

"I have to say this was one of my best investments of time and money. I'll be making changes that will streamline my mind and my actions and help me be energized in what I do."

Jenny Zammit, Senior Director, Australia
"You truly have to make every effort to get to the workshop near you! Encourage your Consultants and sister Directors to be many simple, easy, and hands-on ideas to improve our minds, our offices/paperwork and also our goals, plans and strategies! YOU JUST HAVE TO BE THERE!!"

Jan, Senior Director, Australia
"It was great being taught such practical, logical tips from someone who actually understands our role and is also entertaining along with it. Directors who have yet to experience this workshop, do your Consultants a favour and tell them it's a MUST-ATTEND workshop...tell them they will NOT be bogged down and feel like they can't work their Mary Kay...they will feel 'freed' and relaxed by Marva's suggestions!! They will be encouraged to work toward their goal with the practicalities of organizing their time, space and emotions. She is just WONDERFUL and I only wish I had many more than 6 consultants attending!!!! My mind is far less foggy!!!" 

Muriel Traylor, Director
"Let me just say-and I might get emotional telling you this-I cannot tell you how much this book has done for my business. It's made me rethink so many things! I used to think of something and run and go do it because I was afraid I would forget. Now, I put it in the right section of my To Do List and do it at the time designated. I'm not running all over the place-and getting so much more done! The day after my meeting, I'm dressed and out the door-summary sheets done and the post cards in the mail-all by 10am! When I told my director, she said 'but I'm not a detailed person', and I told her I think this is for the person who isn't detailed because it's just a solid simple system. I really think this is the best investment of time and money I have ever made in my whole Mary Kay career!" 

Clara Huie, Director
"I really appreciate all the work you put into teaching us the art of organizing our business. Two things that were very important to me were the time saving simple things that I can do to de-stress my day. I am not detailed in everything, but in some I am very detailed. I also learned I don't have to save everything, to turn loose of clutter. The only thing I would change about the workshop is that I would bring a pillow to sit on in case the chairs were metal. This truly is your calling." 

Tewanna S. Brunson, Fabulous 50's
"Marva, you conducted an outstanding workshop for us in Little Rock, AR. Thanks to you, I feel so much better and more confident in my business...your workshop helped to strengthen, build and provide more structure for me." 

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